Local Laniakea

Index Art Center 

May – July 2015

Project Space Gallery

The immense supercluster of galaxies that contains the Milky Way has a new name. University of Hawaii at Manoa astronomer R. Brent Tully led an international team of astronomers in defining the contours of the supercluster. They named it “Laniakea,” meaning “immense heaven” in Hawaiian. So for our purposes, Local Laniakea is the immense heaven in and around us. With a nod to the artists as a union of “locals” working to define our space. 


Visual integration of macro and micro environments, and how they play out with the (in)observable environments all around us. Cartography of space through abstraction and geometry. A study of the relationship between relative scaling in our universe. creating an aesthetic bridge between the sacred and profane. Supporting local artists working to aesthetically inquire space/time. Featuring Artists Gianluca Bianchino, Lizzy Storm, James “ScoreBrx‬” Wilson because of their worldly perspective, and how our works hold similar motifs, used different mediums and would compliment each other. That was the project – contemporary tools mixed with old world knowledge. And to perhaps, offer some insight into a current movement of creating work that references both cosmic structure and the individual’s personal truths.


10835290_10152738454002827_4075056982306467258_o 11263133_10152738448292827_1394297029634427625_o 11270701_10152738449067827_3935469772909172017_o 11313072_10152738448627827_4023739129557910008_o 11337057_10152738448242827_44126396686056480_o 10003647_10152738448212827_368376362776347315_o


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