in the studio.Joe Valentine is a father, a cancer survivor, an organizer, a traveler, and an artist. He currently resides in Highland Park, NJ and works from  his studio in at the Gateway Project Spaces in Newark.  He formally studied anthropology and design at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. As a practicing artist, he has created a prolific body of work including pen and ink illustrations, graphically designed murals, paintings on glass and hand embellished prints. His work references a range of influences, from the physical elements to health hardships, reclamation of materials to conscious rebirth, the cosmos and the earth alongside introspection. He is the founder and director of Open Source Arts, a 501(c)3, OSA aims to empower cancer youth survivors and patients through storytelling, graphic design and publication. He currently works in operations and logistics for a national organic food retailer.

“I’m working to elevate the spirit in everything that I do.  Five years after my daughters birth,  I am consistently un/relearning, building holistic perspective and being a playful protector.  A decade after cancer, I still burn with passion to seek out, understand, build and promote creative behavior and wellness. I have learned and listened to my personal truths through travel and hardship. And to paint, play and poeticize experience anytime I can; into a state of elated transculturation”

One Love,